The Hive Invasion

Starship Alexander

A washed-up captain. A worn-out ship. A crew of green cadets. And they're Earth's only hope.

The Alexander is the last true warship, a relic from the days of interstellar war. She's destined for the scrapyard, and her captain, Richard Hammett, is about to retire. Their last mission is a training run with a ship full of cadets.

It's supposed to be a routine hop through a wormhole Gate. But Gates have been going offline, one after another, and Hammett knows in his bones it means trouble. The kind of trouble only a real warship can handle.

Defying orders, he takes the Alexander through another Gate, and puts the ship smack dab in the path of an alien invasion. Now a captain at the end of his career will have to take dozens of terrified cadets and forge them into a crew of warriors, because the Alexander is all that stands between the Earth and the swarming ships of the Hive.

Starship Alexander (Hive Invasion Book 1)

Starship Tomahawk

A war in deep space

The Hive has retreated from Earth, and Captain Richard Hammett has been ordered to give chase - in three puny corvettes. He expects to find the colony on Ariadne in ruins, but the colonists are alive, and they're fighting back.

Leads to a war on the home front

The first battle is ugly. It's only when reinforcements arrive from Earth, though, that things REALLY get bad. There's been a change of government, and the Navy has a new mission - keep the people of Earth under control.

As the Hive prepares a doomsday weapon and launches it at Ariadne, Hammett receives new orders. He is to abandon the colony. Now, a man who has built his life around service to the Navy must make an impossible decision - disgrace his uniform, or become a mutineer.

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Starship Theseus

Interstellar war is just the beginning

Richard Hammett is no longer a captain in his beloved Spacecom. He's an admiral in the brand-new Colonial Forces in the Naxos system, tasked with defending the colony from the aliens of the Hive - and from the vengeful ships of Spacecom as well.

When a scouting mission in deep space reveals the location of an alien Gate, Hammett finds himself surrounded and trapped. A Spacecom fleet blunders in, looking for Hammett to place him under arrest. With the aliens closing in, the two human fleets set aside their differences to battle a common enemy.

A desperate gambit leads to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to strike at the heart of the alien empire - but if the aliens are defeated, Hammett's new allies will turn their attention to him. They see Hammett as a traitor and a mutineer, and if they can get their hands on him, he'll hang.

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