Stark Raven Voyages

James Chan is hunting for salvage in the rings of Saturn when he finds the Stark Raven. It's a pirate ship, and it seems abandoned. Chan and his crew move in and make repairs, but the pirates aren't quite done with the Raven.

Add in a mysterious base on a frozen moon and a shadowy corporation that will kill to keep their secrets, and Chan quickly realizes he's in over his head. Now a man who's quite good at running from his problems will have to face mercenaries, monsters, and betrayal from within his crew or die a cold and lonely death in deep space.

Escape from Enceladus

A treasure hunt in deep space...
It was a simple plan. Commandeer an abandoned lifeboat and go flying across the rings of Saturn looking for a lost ship called the Mary Alice.

Becomes a grim struggle for survival
But they didn't find the Mary Alice. They found the Stark Raven, a pirate ship, floating lifeless and apparently abandoned. It looks like the chance of a lifetime for James Chan and his crew of slackers and misfits, but the pirates aren't quite done with the Raven. And when Chan and crew flee to the frozen moon of Enceladus, they discover that space pirates are the least of their problems...

Escape from Enceladus (Stark Raven Voyages Book 1)

Takedown on Titan

The bodyguarding job looks dodgy, but the Stark Raven needs repairs and Captain James Chan is in no position to be picky. Sure enough, armed men barge in at a party and drag away the old man Chan is supposed to be protecting. Chan barely escapes with his life.

Now a stubborn sense of responsibility won't let Chan just fly away. The cops want him gone. The local drug gang wants him to disappear. The kidnappers want him dead. Chan just wants the whole ordeal to be over, but he was hired for a job. Keep the old man safe. He's failed badly, as he's failed so many times before, but this time is going to be different. This time, James Chan is going to redeem himself, or die trying.

Takedown on Titan (Stark Raven Voyages Book 2)

Battle in the Belt

Liz Jones, pilot of the Stark Raven, wants nothing more than a quiet night of cards in a space station casino. Then agents of a shadowy corporation show up, hunting her crew, and the mysterious Marcus Drinkwater steps in to help her.

She's never met a man like Marcus. He shares her talent for mayhem and he puts himself at risk for Liz and her crew. But Marcus has secrets, from a parcel that he hides in his cabin to a rendezvous in deep space.

When a fleet of warships shows up looking for Marcus, Liz faces an impossible decision. Outnumbered, outgunned, and surrounded, the Raven can't hope to escape. But Marcus is her friend, and for Liz Jones, that makes things simple. She's going to keep him safe, no matter what it takes, and God help anyone who gets in her way.

Battle in the Belt (Stark Raven Voyages Book 3)

Vendetta on Venus

From Pirate Alley
The crew of the Stark Raven has a plum assignment, carrying a suitcase of iridium from the asteroid belt to a space station near Venus. They survive the perils of Pirate Alley, only to lose their cargo to a charming con man.

To a floating city of luxury
Losing the cargo means losing the ship, but Chan and his crew won't give up their home without a fight. High in the Venusian clouds a city of aristocrats becomes the setting of a deadly game of cat and mouse. The iridium is in the hands of vicious gangsters, and there's a lot more at stake than just a ship. With the Raven impounded, time is running out. Chan must form an unlikely alliance with the very con man who robbed him if he wants to leave Venus with his ship - and his life.

Vendetta on Venus (Stark Raven Voyages Book 4)

Mutiny on Mercury

A smuggling job gone wrong
It looks like a plum assignment - sneak a crate past the Orbital Guard and deliver it to a hideout on Mercury. But a running space battle means the crew of the Stark Raven has to hide out in Dawn City at Mercury's north pole.

Leads to a hidden base in the desolate sands of Mercury
The crate is full of guns, and the Sons of the Dawn want delivery - even if it means kidnapping one of the crew to get it.

But the rebels aren't the most dangerous faction on Mercury. The Telemachus Corporation has a secret, one they'll kill to protect. When the crew of the Raven stumbles across a hidden base, they'll have to join with the rebels and fight a desperate war against Telemachus - or die in the airless, sun-scorched wasteland of Mercury.

Mutiny on Mercury (Stark Raven Voyages Book 5)

Last Sunset on Mars

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